Teddy Hanlon: From Kenny Rogers’ Beard to Trump’s Coiffure – A Journey of Unique Transplants

(Las Vegas, NV) – In the world of personal style and eccentric expression, few stories are as intriguing as that of Teddy Hanlon, the Las Vegas lighting contractor. Hanlon first gained notoriety for his decision to integrate the beard of the late country-western star Kenny Rogers into his own facial hair. Now, he’s planning to take his unique form of tribute to the next level by adding the coiffure of the disgraced, twice-impeached, and four-times indicted ex-president Donald J. Trump to his own head.

The Kenny Rogers Chapter

Teddy Hanlon’s journey began with what he calls ‘The Gambler’s Beard,’ a homage to Kenny Rogers. Hanlon, a long-time fan of Rogers, saw this as a personal tribute to the singer’s legacy. The integration of Rogers’ beard into his own was a process that captivated many, with Hanlon quickly becoming a local celebrity.

Trump’s Hair: The Next Step

Building on the attention and fascination garnered by ‘The Gambler’s Beard,’ Hanlon announced his plan to incorporate Donald J. Trump’s distinctive hairstyle into his own. This project, set to take place posthumously, has stirred up both interest and controversy.

Hanlon is aware that this new addition to his appearance may startle the public initially. However, he believes people will eventually grow accustomed to it, as they did with his previous transformation. The execution of this plan is entrusted to Los Angeles merkin-weaver Curt Marsten, whom Hanlon regards as the ‘Pubic Pablo Picasso’. Marsten, predominantly known for his work in the adult film industry, is excited about this rare venture above the waist.

 The Cost and Monetization

The cost of acquiring Trump’s hair is estimated to be between $80 to $120, a price range that Hanlon describes as part of “uncharted territory.” In terms of monetization, Hanlon plans to extend his current business model. He currently offers the opportunity to smell Rogers’ beard for $20, planning to add a $5 upcharge for a whiff of Trump’s hair.

Legal and Logistical Hurdles

The potential legal complications due to Trump’s legal entanglements and incarceration are not lost on Hanlon. An avid Trump supporter, he hopes for a sentence under 20 years, which would not interfere significantly with his plans.

Public Reaction and Future Plans

The public reaction to Hanlon’s plans has been a mix of amusement, bewilderment, and criticism. Some view it as a bold expression of individuality, while others see it as an oddity crossing the boundaries of good taste. Hanlon, unfazed by the diverse opinions, sees his actions as a form of personal and artistic expression.

As Hanlon awaits the realization of his latest project, he continues to be a figure of fascination in Las Vegas and beyond. His unique approach to personal style and homage has placed him at the intersection of celebrity culture, politics, and individual expression, making him a subject of continuous public interest and discussion.

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