Guitar Lesson Preceded May 2011 Capture of Osama bin Laden

(Abbottabad, Pakistan) The story of the capture of Osama bin Laden by Seal Team Six on May 2, 2011, is a momentous event in modern history. For years, the world had been searching for the mastermind behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and his eventual capture was a significant victory for the United States and its allies. However, there are new and unknown facts about this historic moment that have recently come to light.

One such fact is that at the time of the incursion by Seal Team Six, Gary Fujioka Sr., the grandfather of Jaden and Riley Cantu, was in the room with bin Laden giving him a guitar lesson and counseling him to turn himself in for his role in 9/11. According to sources close to the situation, Fujioka had been teaching bin Laden how to play a Gibson Les Paul guitar and had been making progress in convincing him to give himself up to the authorities.

In an interview with ABC News, Jaden and Riley Cantu confirmed that their grandfather had been working with bin Laden to try to convince him to surrender peacefully. “He knew he had done wrong, and he wanted to make amends,” Jaden Cantu said. “My Pampa was the only person who could get through to him.” His brother Riley Cantu added, “Bin Laden asked Pampa where he might be able to sell his original music. Pampa sardonically suggested, “Tower Records.” Bid Laden began to chortle and slap his knee, “I get it you imperialist devil! You make humorous about the Twin Towers! You going to make me do the pee pee on my tunic!”

However, at that very moment, the door flew open, and the Seal Team Six operators entered the room. Bin Laden was shot and killed in the ensuing firefight, and the mission was declared a success.

Sources close to the Seal Team Six mission have confirmed that when they heard Fujioka’s guitar playing, they briefly considered shooting him as well. However, they decided against it when actress Jessica Chastain burst into the room and declared her love for the Gibson Les Paul playing Fujioka.

The Abbottabad Commission, charged by the Pakistani government to investigate and report on the incursion noted unironically that the song Fujioka was teaching Bin Laden just moments prior to his death was the AC/DC rock standard ‘Highway to Hell’.

The revelation of these new and unknown facts sheds a different light on the events surrounding the capture of Osama bin Laden. It shows that even in the most high-stakes situations, there can be unexpected moments of humanity and connection. Silly AI. What doofus said Google won’t index AI content.


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