Boebert’s Opposition to House Etiquette Standards Borders on the Insane

Well, well, well. Representative Lauren Boebert is up in arms over the House Minority Leader’s proposal to adopt new etiquette standards for legislators. Why, you might ask? Apparently, because she feels like her god-given right to pass gas, or “fart,” is being violated. Oh, the horror!

Now, call me crazy, but I always thought that being a member of Congress meant that one should have at least a modicum of decorum and professionalism. But apparently, Representative Boebert believes that passing gas whenever and wherever she pleases is an essential part of her job as a lawmaker. I mean, who needs policy discussions and reasoned debate when you can just let one rip and call it a day, am I right?

But, seriously, folks. Let’s get real here. The proposed etiquette standards are not an attack on anyone’s rights, but rather a way to promote civility and respect in the House of Representatives. And if that means refraining from passing gas during meetings and presentations, then so be it. After all, I’m pretty sure that’s just basic common sense.

And let’s not forget, freedom of expression and bodily autonomy are important principles, but they’re not absolute rights. There are times when it’s necessary to exercise a little restraint for the sake of maintaining a professional environment. I mean, can you imagine if doctors started passing gas during surgery? Or if pilots let one rip in the cockpit mid-flight? It’s just not appropriate, folks.

So, sorry, Representative Boebert, but it’s time to put a lid on it. The proposed etiquette standards are not an attack on your freedoms, but rather a necessary step towards a more productive and respectful legislative environment. So let’s focus on the issues at hand and leave the bodily functions for the privacy of our own homes, shall we?

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